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Soso and the Kako leaf 

Written by Bella Disu
Illustrated by Awele Emili

Soso 1.png


Welcome to the home of The Good Work Company, a Nigerian-based media book company addressing a global kids (and parents!) audience.

Join our awesome characters as they join The Adventures of Soso, in our first book Soso and the kako leaf! 

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The author

Bella Disu is a Nigerian business executive, arts enthusiast, author, and philanthropist. She is an avid sponsor of the arts an actively promotes French and Nigerian cultures through the Centre’s partnership with Alliance Française. In 2019, the French Government awarded her the prestigious Chevalier dans ‘l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres award in recognition of her efforts in promoting French culture.

As a mother, her desire to see the return of the well-illustrated and richly narrated folktales she read as a child led her to write Soso and The Kako Leaf.

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